Hello and Welcome to Veteran Lan’

Maybe you’ve noticed that word-of-mouth from Vet to Vet is the best way to get and stay up to speed on the things you need to know, we have!

Veteran Lan’ is a place where you can learn and share real time actionable intel on all things Veteran. 

Our Mission:

1. Our mission is to be the place where vets come together and share information about the services and resources available to the vetern community in their LAN (Local Area Network).

Veteran LAN or Lan’?

LAN in technology-speak is Local Area Network and we created this page to establish a virtual gathering space for local communities of veterans that are seeking to help each other out. The name just happens to also work well as Vetern Lan’ (Land) because we want this to be your home for all veteran-related information. 

What LANs/communities do you serve?

Right now we are posting information on the Loma Linda region in Southern California. We plan on expanding to cities all over the country but we wanted to start small to make sure we get things right and provide a valuable service to our veterans.